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Founded in 1989, FRUTISIMA LTDA, is a leading company in the Colombian market in the production and export of natural frozen products.

We are dedicated to the processing and obtaining of 100% Natural Fruit Pulp, without the addition of sugar, flavoring, artificial coloring or preservatives; we have also expanded our portfolio of natural products with fruit lollies, fruit chunks and functional pulps (a mixture of fruits and vegetables).

Our style is natural products, high quality ingredients and a wide variety of exotic and tropical fruits. In addition to being natural and delicious products, they are healthy and nutritious (products rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber).

For 29 years we have had the privilege of being suppliers to customers whose requirements and policies make us have products with the highest quality standards, and so we strive every day to ensure an excellent commitment and compliance.

Since 2001 we have exported to the U.S. market and now we reach countries such as Spain, Australia, Russia and England as FRUTISIMA and through own brands from industrial retailers.

During these 29 years of tradition and experience we have been consolidating ourselves as leaders in the supply of natural frozen fruit pulp in the sector of Clubs, Hospitals, Restaurants, Business Casinos, Schools, Hotels, Franchises, Factories, etc.

We research in the development of new technologies for the creation of our products, so in our facilities we have specialized equipment for food processing, quality procedures, aseptic packaging,IQF , cold storage rooms, suitable transport, qualified personnel and the best selected fruits that allows us to keep our customers the constant supply of fruit pulp, even in times of scarce harvest we have excellent service, fulfillment and quality.

Pulpa de Fruta

Frozen fruit pulp

Fruta en Trozos

IQF fruit chunks

Paleta de Fruta

Fruit lollies

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